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Egress Windows

Installing Egress Windows in Nebraska and Surrounding States

Egress windows are important for many reasons. Not only are they required in certain areas of a house, but they are a very important safety feature for you and your family. They serve as an emergency exit and a way for emergency workers to reach people if ever in a dire situation. The team at HFC Egress has been installing windows like this for nearly a decade. We understand all the details and regulations and are willing to spend the time learning about your individual needs. Don’t trust your family’s safety to anyone other than professionals like HFC Egress.

Why new windows?

Most old windows do not meet today’s regulations. Plus, old windows can be drafty which causes a loss of heat and energy from your home. Replace them with today’s Energy Star windows to add beauty and energy efficiency to your home.

Did you know that these new windows can:

  1. Keep your family warmer in the winter
  2. Keep your family cooler in the summer
  3. Decrease monthly heating and cooling bills
  4. Reduce noise from outside
  5. Give your home a refreshed look and feel

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Egress Window Information

Egress windows are required in every bedroom as well as in basements with a living area. These rules are put in place in order to provide your family with an emergency escape system to help ensure their safety. Some things you should know:

Egress Regulations

For a basement room to be considered a bedroom these window regulations need to be followed:

A)      Minimum width of opening: 20 inches
B)      Minimum height of opening: 24 inches
C)      Minimum net clear opening: 5.7 sq. ft.
D)      Maximum sill height from floor: 44 inches

Egress Installation

1)      Find the best location for the window
2)      Call diggers hotline for underground issues
3)      Mini excavator used for digging out soil
4)      Use proper pathway protection to worksite inside the home
5)      All cutting to be done on the exterior of the home
6)      Dirt is backfilled mechanically for no future settling
7)      All excess dirt is taken care of
8)      We always take pride in leaving the job clean; INSIDE and out

Standard Package

A)   Steel Area Wall
B)   White Vinyl Window
C)   Steel Ladder
D)   Safety Grate
E)   Rock Base
F)   White Aluminum Clad Exterior Trim

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Thank you for considering HFC for your next egress window. We take pride in each and every step of the installation process, from digging the hole to cutting through the concrete. We focus on quality work while installing the window and through to the last piece of trim and clean-up. We spent years gaining the experience and knowledgeable staff necessary to specialize in this trade. Our main goal is to install egress windows that can provide safety and enjoyment for generations to come.


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